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Is Marriage a “Give and Take” Relationship?

When asking seasoned married people, “What’s the art of a successful marriage?,” many would say “Marriage has to be a “give and take.”  What that implies is that  one gives sometimes and at other times, he or she can take.  It brings to mind a process similar to going to the bank.   I put in 20.00 and at a later […]

What Two Questions Should you Ask When Your Trust Is Required?

Two specific guidelines are offered to increase success in situations requiring trust in interpersonal relationships. How one can be seduced into trusting and participate in self-betrayal is also shown. In addition, the importance of listening to one’s own “inner voices” or signal that express caution in situations requiring trust is stressed.

Why Men Leave Women Who Become Ill

Men who leave women who become ill may be suffering from childhood trauma around loss of feminine love objects, such as mother or sister. As a result they leave their wife instead of being supportive.

Does Intimacy Enhance Sexuality or Destroy it?

Esther Perel writes in her new book Mating in Captivity that there is a paradox of intimacy and sexuality in relationships. For many people, the paradox is that the more intimate, close and secure we feel, the less erotic desire is present in long-term committed relationships. It raises the question, “What is the meaning of […]

Marriage: Is There a Place for Infidelity?

What a question?!  Is there room in your relationship to ask that question? Should there be? Yet, that’s the question being asked by Mark Oppenheimer in his New York Times magazine article, Married, With Infidelities ( Sun. July 3, 2011).  He reviews the position of Dan Savage, who says that for many couples,  monogamy is not right, that it’s not […]

A Rewarding Marriage Awaits You…..

A rewarding marriage is possible, despite the statistics. According to the Washington Post Magazine of June 27, 2010, “More than 40 percent of first marriages end in divorce.  The divorce rate for second marriages is above 60 percent, and it’s higher than 70 percent for folks making their third walk down the aisle.” Learning to […]

Why Arguing Makes the Perfect Gift For Couples

Couples who risk arguing have the potential to join their partner in an interactive field that can identify and use feelings to grow and transform the relationship from hostility to passion and love.

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