How Resilient Are You? Take this Questionnaire

The following questionnaire presents 6 life situations and 7 life skills. According to studies in the field of Prevention, when people perceive themselves as being strong in these areas, they tend to cope well. In other words, they are resilient.

A high score in each area indicates strength in that category. Rate each category from 1-5. 1 is low, 5 is high.

To score, add up the numbers you clicked. The highest possible score is 65. Notice your strengths and weaknesses. Plan a strategy for addressing the weaker areas. For additional information, feel free to comment, or leave your name, phone and/or email and I will return your question or comment.
    "Good stress" can spur us to accomplish our goals, while "bad stress" can be overwhelming and paralyzing.
    Expectations that are too strong can be crushing, leading to procrastination and defeat. Not enough expectation can contribute to laziness, and cause a loss of motivation.
    Expectations and goals need available opportunity to be fulfilled. Financial, cultural, social barriers can make it hard to create the opportunities to achieve goals.
    People who have supports from friends, family or others tend to be more able to handle problems when they occur.
    Physical Health can have a strong impact on resilience and ability to cope with life's unexpected curves.
    Perceiving yourself as belonging to a larger group is a strong factor in resilience. Group support adds to our inner strength.
    Good communication is vital to effective relationships, productive problem solving and coping well.
    Self-discipline is an essential aspect of the ability to handle problems and excel in life.
    A sense of personal power, control over your life, and knowing that you have an effect on others is key to self-confidence.
    A sense of humor, imagination and creative life allows for new perspectives, and often relieves difficult feelings and situations.
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