Individual Psychotherapy

There are times when life throws us a curve ball. Or, the sweetness of life gets soured through death, illness, divorce or other losses. Sometimes there’s a sense of emptiness or loneliness, even when everything on the outside seems to be in place.

Whether it’s coping with a difficult situation, adjusting to a life transition, or feeling disconnected in the world, the importance of feeling a self-connection to the ways we spend our time, the people we engage, or the work we do is vital to our sense of joy and aliveness. Without it, symptoms like depression, anxiety, sadness, worry, loneliness easily invade us.

Cover of

Cover of Open: An Autobiography

Andre Agassi, one of the world’s greatest tennis players recently wrote in his new book “Open” that he hated tennis all his growing up years, because it was something he was forced to do for his father, without feeling its connection to his core self.

The lack of connection of his tennis playing to his sense of self led to drug use and depression. He states that when he finally made tennis his choice many years later, he excelled in the sport and thrived as a person. When we are severed from our core self, it’s a recipe for emotional disaster.

If someone asked you “Who are you at your core,” what would you answer? Most people answer by saying what they do. “I’m an engineer,” “an artist,” Some might answer according to a role they play “I’m a mother,” “a friend,” “part of a baseball team.” It is difficult is to have a sense of the whole of who we are.

For instance, Is what I am doing the best expression of me? Is there something missing or something that needs to change? In therapy, there are many paths to answering these questions. The many approaches include working with thoughts, feelings, behaviors, intuitions and sometimes dreams. Therapy is a process.  It includes talking, sometimes thinking quietly, sensing the body’s message and sharing in a way that can lead to a new perspective that enhances growth and change.

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